Hello! I’m Andreu Zaragoza, a Barcelona based illustrator and graphic designer. Attracted to drawing since I was a kid, my love for comic books and heavy metal artwork made me study a graphic design degree in La Llotja (Barcelona). After some years working in several studios, I decided to get back to my almost forgotten passion for pencils and brushes. Since then I’ve been working as freelance illustrator combining traditional ink drawing and digital techniques with textures and vivid colors. 


El País / El Periódico / Hilton Hotels & Resorts / Raig Verd Editorial / Ultramar / Vins Utòpics / Short Magazine / Fantàstik Granollers / Goliath Is Dead / MUC Magazine


2017 - Artàstik 2017 @Fantàstik Granollers (solo show)

2017 - Goliath Is Dead @The Gallery, By Error!

2015 - Solo show @Tarambana Espai Cultural i Gastronòmic

2014 - Artàstik 2014 @Fantàstik Granollers

2013 - Artàstik 2013 @Fantàstik Granollers

2013 - Solo show @Insitu Skate Shop & Gallery




T: +34 687018875